Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Potato Soup

I love potato soup and last nite was a soup nite.
Danny had been to the dentist and his mouth was really sore , so he wanted something soft to eat. he hadn't eaten all day so he was hungry. I love potatoe soup and everytime i make it it's different. last nite we had two kinds of potatoes, red and idahos, celery, onion shredded carrots and some sliced italian sausage. it was so good and it all got eaten. shawn stopped by to show us his lack of hair (he shaved his head) and pick up his box of fried apple pies from the Ga. mountains. of course shawn, mike, danny and i all had our bowls. i just love soups...

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  1. Yummy ..I'd love a bowl please. Ilove the blog too!


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