Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Finger Puppets at Sapphire Stitches

Okay so here is the filled set and you can see the pocket on the back that holds the finger puppets. These puppets are so cute and so much fun to play with. a lot of people spread them on their dinner table to the young uns have something to do while dinner is being prepared. some use these and place cool is that?
while others just test them out for their little ones.....yea, right......I love these finger puppets as its a return to the day with things were simpler and the imagination was allowed to come up with all sorts of scenerios on what these little angels were really doing....are they guarding the pumpkins?????? you get the idea. you can see them finger puppets on my website at under "What's New" on the home page. In a few weeks look under Finger Puppets 2009 for them.

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  1. So so cute, can;'t wait to be able to buy them :-)


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